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Why is the Ocean Therapeutic?

The Ocean takes up most of this planet, about 74% to be exact. We have yet to explore a vast majority of the ocean. It is both mysterious and awe inspiring.

Also that is a lot of, seemingly, empty space when one looks out upon it. Open space is repeatedly found to be one of the most relaxing, stress relieving things a person can see.


Often the most expensive (i.e. desirable) property is either ocean front or with a view. Why is that? Because human minds literally crave the vast openness of the ocean and space. It calms them down, makes them and the problems in their lives feel insignificant. The mind can relax and instead of thinking, just take in the sights and smells.

Just the color of the ocean, which is usually some shade of blue, has been found to be viewed as calming by a vast majority of people around the globe. Humans have the perception that blue goes with the ocean, and this in turn relates to one's expectation of calmness.

Blue has also been found to increase creativity by the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s journal. The color of the ocean and sky therefore can literally stimulate one to be more creative, which is even more important as a child.

Now for the smells, that ocean saltwater smell is actually rich in negative ions from the Lenard effect. This is due to waves crashing against each other and the shore breaking apart molecules, releasing negative ions.

These negative ions have been studied and are long believed to have reduced stress and increase energy.The extent as to how beneficial negative ions are is still up in the air (literally). Yet numerous studies have shown that they can reduce symptoms of depression, speed up metabolism and kill harmful bacteria.

Anyone who has simply even just been to the beach can relate to all of thus mounting evidence. You simply can’t help but feel calmer and healthier at the beach or in the ocean. The vast openness, colors, and smells all combine to provide that incredible therapeutic feeling.

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