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Empower Many children from poor, underprivileged communities turn towards drugs and crime as ways to escape. Surfing gives them a different escape. Surfing is a positive outlet for boredom which leads to further healthy lifestyle choices and relationships.


Motivate The program will be a great incentive to also attend school, as these will initially be the students allowed to participate. The fun experience they have and then share, will lead other students to also do the same. Then as we grow, we will be able to share that experience with many more children and volunteers.


Stimulate - As the programs begin and grow they will also stimulate the local community and schools as instructors and all other expenses, will be sourced locally. Through the support and education of the children, they will in turn eventually return the favor unto the communities they come from.

Transparent - All donations go towards the initial creation and sustaining of the program. This includes purchasing or obtaining surfboards and wetsuits, if necessary. Then also teaching instructors how to teach surfing, ocean safety and to then run the program.


Bonding Other initial setup aspects include talking and building a bond and trust with the kids before they even go to the beach. Creating a bond that allows them to confidently participate and also for us to understand what will be most beneficial for them and giving them the tools to be strong individual members of their community.

Educate - The program will also include food (snacks and lunch), ocean safety lessons as well as fun beach games. The children will also be given lessons on ocean pollution and how it affects all ecosystems beyond just the local beaches.

SWB x Cape Town  

The Cape Town program began with 20 kids from local EWB schools and giving them the opportunity to participate in surfing.

We partnered with the organization 9Miles Project which is lead by Nigel Savel, a truly inspiring person who has helped hundreds of kids from local townships find surfing and the ocean.

We are also able to support the coaches and mentors from 9miles who have grown up in the town ships and have found job opportunities and a life long passion through surfing.



SWB x LA  

We are currently growing our Los Angeles surf and ocean empowerment program, which will begin once a month with 3-5 kids from inner city communities.

The program will begin with small groups to establish relationships and sustainability.


We hope to help fund part of this program through sponsors from coastal communities. By also eventually bringing kids from these sponsor families along, we will build lasting opportunities and friendships.


Nica x SWB

We are currently beginning our Nicaragua program with 5-7 students from the local school in Hacienda Iguana.

We will focus on getting them surfing and comfortable with the ocean while also integrating them in the local beachfront community.

We have local coaches and mentors, including Jackson Obando and Kevin Cortez, who can inspire and teach the kids about the positive impact surfing and the ocean can have on ones life.

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